Neha Bhuchar

When the wedding date was decided, we had one less thing to worry about! Having known Rashi for so o long and being familiar with her work, we had no second thoughts about booking her for my mehandi! A month before the wedding when Rashi asked me would I like for my mehandi, I was like "Wait What?" There is mehandi theme??? She the illustrated a Beautiful theme depicting the bride's friends and family welcoming the groom and I instantly loved the idea! On the final day I could see every intricate detail on my hand and it was impressive! It's not just the mehandi, but the whole experience that makes Alankritaa so special - the professionalism, the team's colour co-ordibated suits the friendly banter which makes you feel comfortable on otherwise stressful day! Thank you Team Alankritaa for all efforts that you put in to make my mehandi look so unique and pretty! Love you girls!


This girl’s (Rashi) passion for mehandi is infectious! I think that’s what distinguishes her work and designs from everyone else – pure, heart filled PASSION! Needless to say, her designs are intricate, neat, distinguished and absolutely stunning! She can literally get a wonder of the world on your palm!

Rashi made me fall in love with Henna art , by explaining how it’s not just an art to beautify or complete the Bridal look, but to convey the bride’s story, thoughts & emotions. Thanks to her, my mehandi was personalised in a way that totally portrayed my fun, quirky side. I had a game hidden within my mehandi. The game involved me asking questions to my husband about our journey, answers to which were hidden graphically in my mehandi. This gave us more bonding moments and ensured that he spent some time admiring the beautiful and intricate design. Besides the game, my palm was adorned with beautiful figurines of us taking the pheras along with both set of parents blessing us.

Alankritaa is proof that mehandi is not just to beautify the bridal look, but is also a way to express the emotions of an otherwise silent bride.

Shalini Berry

Just like any other bride, I was a nervous and excited bundle dreaming about D-DAY. How would I look, how should I smile, how would everything happen, and a thousand other things. But what was bothering me the most was that I didn’t want to look like any other bride. I wanted to wear the red, but my red had to be very different, I would blush and smile, but my smile would be the sweetest, my hands would be adorned with mehandi, but not with any run-of-the-mill designs. I wanted the mehandi which spoke itself for the bride. These were some concerns gave me sleepless nights. But thank God! I had an answer to at least one of them –, my mehandi! For which I was totally sorted, thanks to Alankritaa!!! They planned and designed my story and shaped my moments as figurines on my hands. Rashi, the unbelievably talented founder of Alankritaa, could read precisely what I wanted. She has given a very different meaning to mehandi altogether. It just doesn’t feel like applying the same old mehandi anymore, where after a long wait of numerous hours all you would get was a bunch of flowers and same old motifs which looks exactly the same on anybody's hands for any other occasion. For the bride, it has to be something special, which stands out to speak a story. I find myself falling short of words to explain the extraordinary knack in her hands. She has redefined the conventional henna as a different experience altogether where the 'Ooh! Such traditional mehandi' elevates to bringing a feeling of being contemporary and stylish. Her customised designs adorn your hands to bring your story and your memories back to life. The extremely talented and warm team of Alankritaa goes beyond its boundaries to make you feel comfortable and special. So go ahead and get Alankrit!

Ashima Sood

I have known Rashi for over 16 years now. From having seen the walls of our classroom decorated with her artwork at all times and now, the hands of brides adorned with her gorgeous mehandi, I have always been immensely impressed and amazed by her passion.

I’m so proud of her and love showing her work off to all my friends/colleagues who are about to get married, Being able to pull the essence of the world around you and place it on your palms is unimaginable, but Rashi does it…magically”. It’s true! She has a real gift!! The way she interprets each design, carefully researches every assignment and GENUINELY cares about her work will leave any one impressed. Her work is just like her – fun, full of life and busy!

With two functions on the same day and my instructions to finish my mehandi within an hour – you will be amazed to see what this woman created! A feast for your eyes!! Everyone loved it. Everyone loved her. That’s her magic. She diffuses love – in every art and in every heart <3. Save yourself the hassle and just book her for your wedding! Just like I did.

PS: I did not have to book her ;). How could she not be there at my wedding, eh?!

Anubha Vir Sharma

Alankritaa's bridal mehandi is truly a work of art!

I got my wedding mehandi put by Rashi from Alankritaa. The passion and professionalism in her team is phenomenal. A month before my wedding, Rashi sent me various concepts and with my inputs and preferences, prepared a sketch of my mehandi design. The final product was even prettier. It was extremely beautiful and detailed. I got a lot of compliments. People would even stop me in markets to know who did my mehandi. I was very happy with the design and colour!

If your wedding is around the corner, there is no better person to do the job than Rashi and her team at Alankritaa!bride.

Jigya Jain

Everyone always remember their wedding day and thanks to Team Alankritaa, especially Rashi Aggarwal, for making it more memorable and extra special. Loved their beautiful and intricately done mehandi design. The originality of the design made everyone, including me, appreciate the art.


One of the most important days for any girl is her wedding day which is incomplete without mehandi. And I was fortunate to have met these three absolutely adorable sisters who understand each and every bride's needs. The best thing about them is the pre-mehandi meeting where they design your mehandi after knowing what's really important for u. I was amazed by the love and passion that they put in while putting mehandi. They looked so nice in their co-ordinated pink suits when they came for my mehandi. Well, I got what I was looking for with my six sisters beautifully depicted on my arms and me and my husband depicted taking pheras on my palms. Can't thank them enough for making my special day complete with their designs. I wish I get a chance to have mehandi put by them again in the near future since mehandi always puts a smile on my face. Thank you for all the love and may God bless you all with lots of success.

Neha Kugaonkar

"Alankritaa" - The superior art that Alankritaa showcased truly does justice to its name.

Rashi and Megha did a fantastic job for our wedding. The art and design in their henna work was perfectly immaculate. It was something we had never witnessed before. They are extremely warm and in no time became a part of the wedding home. They ensured that our special day was truly unforgettable. It was fascinating to see them work on my mehandi for 5-6 hours on the trot. Their professionalism is commendable. They travelled all the way from Ludhiana to Mumbai for us. We would recommend Alankritaa to every bride. You girls are amazing and your work speaks bounds for itself!